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Help! No cars on the streets?

  • I recently updated all the way through 678 to 877, and after getting all the latest scripting tools etc, I booted finally to a fully functioning gta v, at least I thought - all the car mods I have, which are almost every car including DLC, seemed to be working fine, and any other issues I had were fixed (I had an issue with cutscenes being stuck because of add-ons).

    That is... until I noticed the streets completely empty.
    No cars, basically no peds, only homeless and gangsters as far as I've seen - the cops spawn but the actual traffic is non existent.
    I can see cars in the distance but they vanish before entering my vicinity. I mean, what the hell, what do I do here? Go through all the script mods? I have checked the trainers, they're not disabling traffic or peds.

    Traffic is gone after 877 update, they vanish in the distance.

    Please help!

  • look in the graphics settings and increase traffic and variety

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