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How To Add The Bleeding Effect??

  • hey, some of you might know me, I'm mtn I create peds stuff like that, anyway I made this topic because I have heard a few people saying how to do it, but I still don't fully get what I have to do. I have a really big project coming up 2 of them and let's just say they are brutal and bloody characters and that's why I need it.

    if anyone knows how to please help, it will be a big help but i need to know specific details i use 3ds max maya and zmodeler, i want to know where to go what to click on and what do i need to do once my peds are in zmodeler.

    that's it thanks for whoever will replay and stay tuned for more stuff.

  • well, I found out on my own so... never mind then.

  • Could you post the solution? That way anybody else who has this question can find the answer.

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