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House create with garage

  • Not being dum or anything but does anyone actually know how to create a house with a big garage and actually make it look good because i want to make my own but idk how and what I would all need to do so or how to do certain things to do so.

  • @SkullGamerPs4Pc2020 https://dekurwinator-mods.bitrix24.site/

    Study the tutorials and the info about creating a mlo. You'll need 3ds max, gims evo, CodeWalker for some things, and I also use Neos7 Maxscript tool for 3ds max for some things.

  • Ok so then here is this for a question am I able to just get map builder and meynoo to be able to build a house with garage or do i need other things to be able to do so or what.

  • @SkullGamerPs4Pc2020 I don't recommend making buildings out of props, it is a poor way to do it but yes you could do that. Just know that the game doesn't recognize that as an interior so you will have rain inside of it and on the objects you place inside of it. And your doors won't work properly if you use Menyoo. If you don't want to learn how to properly make an interior, which it isn't that difficult, then I would recommend learning to use CodeWalker, it can do so much more and in my opinion more efficiently once you get the hang of it. If you want to try CW, you can get the latest version from the CW discord in the releases channel. https://discord.gg/ncBVQE

  • Ok thanks i will try to learn the different things then so it wont look bad or anything and If I have any further more questions or something I will ask you then because you seem really helpful.

  • And btw would you want to add me on steam or something and we could play different games like Garry's mod and American truck simulator and etc because you really do seem like a very helpful friendly person.

  • Is there anything else I can use other than 3ds max since it cost so much money after 30 days

  • I have any further more questions or something I will ask you then because you seem really helpful. McDVOICE

  • Please use 3ds max, it is very handy, easy to use

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