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GTA Keeps Closing While Loading Single Player

  • I have the Epic Games version and everything was great, but I messed up an .oiv package mod and didn't have a backup, this caused my game to just close mid loading screen, no crash pop-up, nothing. I just uninstalled and reinstalled without thinking about it. I've done this about 3 times now and it still closes on loading. Please help.

  • If you installed the mods using the mods folder, just remove the mods folder to uninstall the mods.

  • That's the thing, I haven't done anything to the game files, I've also verified multiple times.


    @lil-Gluestick said in GTA Keeps Closing While Loading Single Player:

    That's the thing, you HAVE done somethinghing to the game files. Or rather, you don't know what happened when you installed that .OIV (it's just a .zip file, btw, for future reference).

    So, either rename the .oiv to .zip, unpack it, and look what it's trying to do, then revert it, or recreate your mods folder when things got messed up too much.

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