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Broken car parts bug/glitch

  • I've recently downloaded few addons for vehicles in my game, but for some models whenever 1 of the parts of car breaks it creates something like extra body body of a car(https://imgur.com/a/WpU7Wel) Does anyone know how to fix this?

  • @Brelook
    Probably '.meta' file related, 'vehicles.meta' most likely, but could be another file.
    Point me to a download link for one of the vehicles doing it & I'll take a closer look :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th here you go- I used every car model except for police(as a name of the model). Police2, police3, fbi etc. Are from this pack

  • @Brelook
    Did you take the individual 'vehicles.meta' data from the 'Vehicles.meta.txt' file & manually copy & paste it/them into 'vehicles.meta'?

    The data sections go in this 'vehicles.meta' here:

    You can't copy & paste the whole thing in or replace 'vehicles.meta' with the 'Vehicles.meta.txt' etc.
    It needs to be done individually, one section at a time, for each of the vehicles you are choosing to use from the pack. :thumbsup:

    The last time I saw an issue like yours, it was from a very similar police pack.

    Looks like the author of this pack has only included the 'vehicles.meta' data for 'fbi', 'fbi2' & 'sheriff2' (he's also duplicated the data for those vehicles, making the file a mess, everything under 'RAW Paste Data' can be deleted, so you can clearly see the three sections you have to copy :thumbsup:).

    If the data in your 'vehicles.meta' is vanilla & you are experiencing issues with any other of the replace vehicles (other than the three I've mentioned), you are pretty much screwed. Pot luck, finding 'vehicles.meta' data that will work for them, if any.

    If you have previously edited the 'vehicles.meta' data in your game (the 'vehicles.meta' in 'update.rpf') for any of the vehicles the mod author hasn't provided data for, try reverting them back to vanilla & see if that works?

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