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Installing cars without Readme

  • Hi guys.
    I would like to install some add on cars, but in most cases there is no readme, so I don't know how to name the cars in the dlclist. Can anyone pls help me?

  • It comes in a folder. Name it in the dlc list the same way it is in the folder. Let say it's an Audi R8 and the folder is called just R8. In the DLC list you would name it <Item>dlcpack:/R8/</Item>
    What ever the folder is called when placed in the dlc packs file you put in the DLC list exactly.

  • or you can simply rename the folder with whatever name you want, for example VEHICLE14, and add this name in dlclist.xml


    ^ worst advice I've seen in a while, you can't simply rename the folder the dlcpack resides in and expect it to work

    Best would be : open the dlc.rpf, navigate to the archive holding the modelnames, that would be the spawn name

    In the content.xml Inside of the dlcpack you can find the name of the folder holding the dlcpack. Usually it's same as the modelname but sometimes it is not

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