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Weapons.meta edits not showing in game

  • So I have installed this tons of times before and never had this issue.


    When I do the same installation this time it indeed does replace the weapons.meta file, and if I go into edit and view it the values are indeed changed. Yet in game they are not there. In this case it's for realistic ammo and magazine capacity. All of the values are low in the file, yet in game the ammo capacity is in the thousands instead of it's lower value. And as stated, I did the same install via Open IV and replaced the Weapons.meta. Screenshots below.

  • @HardcoreMod
    Make sure it's this 'weapons.meta' you replaced:


    I installed it into my game & can confirm it works :thumbsup:.
    If you're still having problems after installing to the above location, perhaps check a trainer or something isn't overriding the values?

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