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File format issues

  • Hi. I wouldn't consider myself much of a pro at mods/modding, however I do know a little.
    I received GTA V free through the EGS, and after playing around a little without mods, I consulted the Internet to have a look at modding it. This was when Script Hook hadn't been updated for EGS and had to use a workaround (openVhook).
    I downloaded scripthook and ENT at first, and then after a bit more playing around I fancied getting some car and weapon mods for it.
    This is where the issues began.
    I went to download a car mod (idk what mod it was, it was an add-on rather than a model replacement) but instead of it downloading in a ZIP format (as it was supposed to) and instead downloaded in an RAR format. This was a re-occurring thing, as you can see by the following screenshot:0_1594824151041_upload-0b2e2b5b-62ae-49fb-a440-0dcee285a47d

    (I opened the screenshot in a paint/drawing software and zoomed in on the file. I downloaded another mod for sake of proof)

    Yeah. Idk what an RAR file is, but it's not what the mod file should be. The pages that I downloaded them from said to use openIV to find the locations to put the files, and I could find these locations, but they also said that the file should be a ZIP. I may try using a software like 7-Zip and see if that does anything, but other than that I'm stumped.
    Anyone else know anything?


    use winrar

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