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A few questions; vehicle explosions, reverse boost & DLC damage

  • So for the first one, is there a way to disable the explosions upon impact from a fall? The only mod I could find just makes the car invincible right before impact, but I still want the deformation. Dropping the collision multiplier to 0 doesn't work. Nor does the engine damage multiplier, as I recall.

    Next, I've noticed a boost when you go from reversing and back to forward drive. Every car accelerates much faster with a short burst out of reverse compared to just from a stop. And this isn't due to wheel spin. This is really unrealistic on slow cars like old trucks and stuff.

    Finally, I've noticed that the deformation on most of the DLC cars is pitiful. Even if you jack up the multiplier way high, they just kind of uniformly push in the front and rear ends somewhat. The damage is not localized at all, so if you hit a pole, it doesn't just push in where you hit, but across the entire front end. The Ellie is a good example of this. The earlier DLC cars weren't as bad and the SP cars are fine.

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