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Ymap can't show in-game more than 6 models?

  • Hi,

    I ran into some weird thing. For some reason, my ymaps created via Codewalker can't display more than 6 addon models in-game (although everything is displayed in Codewalker's preview, all flags and bbs calculated).

    In my case, it doesn't matter, if models are low poly, high poly, if they have LODs or not. It can never allow me to see more than 6 models in one ymap. So I have to separate them, but again, in Codewalker, everything appears fine. Manifest is also created via Codewalker and count of models in each ymap fits.

    It's strange and adds to work to separate each ymap to several smaller ones. Has anyone else encountered this issue as well? Do you know a solution for this?

    Thank you for all replies.

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