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[HELP] How to add collisions to YMAPs - CodeWalker

  • I have recently gotten into YMAP development for FiveM and am trying to figure out how to add collisions in codewalker. I have copied the route68 customs shop over on Joshua behind the abandoned motel (see images bellow) and need to match its collisions; how do I do this? I have searched OpenIV for its attached collision and believe it to be "hi@cs6_03_1.ybn".

    If you are able to help me, please respond here or contact me on Discord, "John H. #1928".

    More Info

    • Where: Running through FiveM server side
    • Map type: YMAP

    Screenshots of what I am experiencing and would like to fix
    alt text
    alt text

    If the images don't work, follow these links:

    What have I tried?
    I have tried streaming relevant collisions, but am quite sure it won't work untill I add the collisions to the exact places it needs to take effect.

  • Hi,

    first, I'm new in this field as well, so don't take me for granted, but the collision you listed is for Rebel radio station and doesn't fit the building you showed on picture.

    Also, if any prop doesn't have embedded collision within it's YDR, you will probably have to make a custom one. As many of those static collision models are made specifically for their final placements/surroundings, as hi@cs6_03_1.ybn for example.


    I work for now only on custom made props/maps, so this is all I can tell you.

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