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update on the TheCharacterVehicle mod

  • if anyone could update or make a new mod to permanelty change default players vehicles just @teamcore mod
    it been outdated for long and has some bugs that needs to be fixed
    I believe this is easy for someone out here

  • i agree and second this request.


    I concur

  • TeamCore's Character Clothes Mod also has problems and needs updating.

  • lets speak out loud probably there is someone here who can fix this
    @ikt and @LeFix
    I'm sure they could
    this guys are cursed with scripting knowledge


    Sorry, my hands are full for the moment.

    Seems like @AHK1221 and @sollaholla were involved with the coding stuff, so they might have the original code. Otherwise your best bet would be to ask the authors for the source code and update it somehow.

  • @ReNNie I think its only you who can fine professional script writer for this please
    @ikt the send messages to those two you suggested.....buh still no reply😢😢😢😢😢

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