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power brake if possible

  • there's not addon like power brake,modify handling meta is not effective.thanks

  • Luke knew his grandma had another orgasm. He felt her vagina convulse as he steadily continues to fuck her. Kathy’s orgasm soon subsides and Luke gives her a moment to catch a breath.

    -Wow https://www.bigbootytube.xxx !!

    Kathy says.

    Luke stays quiet but smiles at his grandma feeling proud. She was able to cum once again and he somehow managed to last this long without an orgasm. He knows he’s on borrowed time at this point. His balls are boiling with semen, itching to be drained.

    Kathy calms down and eventually rolls herself off of Luke. She grabs the covers and wraps herself up.

    -It’s so cold!

    She says.

    Luke pulls his body under the sheets and gets on top of his grandmother. Her body shivers from the cold. He caresses her body as she moans softly once again. He wants to shove his penis back into her. Kathy’s legs widen, allowing for the opportunity for Luke’s cock to meet and touch her dripping wet clit. He leans down into her for another passionate kiss. His lower body does the work for him as he aligns himself finding her slit and slips back into her. Luke loves the warm sensation of her tight vagina wrapped around his shaft. He then takes long and deep strokes in and out of her. He allows his body to move upright enough for his tip to stay inside of her until he slams right back down deep inside of her pussy. Kathy grunts each time he slams himself into her. Luke fucks her for a couple of minutes building up the intensity for his imminent arrival.

    Kathy kisses her grandson with lust and desire. She’s never felt so alive and so complete until this very moment. She wants to scream out loud as Luke fucks her deeply. She contains herself as she feels him slow his pace down. She knows he’s about to cum. Kathy wants to feel her grandson cream her throbbing pussy. She encourages him to finish deep inside of her without any worry.

    -Darling, please cum inside me! Cum for your grandmother! I can’t get pregnant anymore, please give me your seed! I need it!!

    Hearing her words, Luke grunts. He knew he was a goner once she told him to cum inside of her. To cum for his grandmother! It was all so surreal. Hearing her say aloud that he’s fucking his grandmother sent a chill down his spine, in a good way of course. With a few more powerful thrusts, Luke lifts his head and cries aloud.

    -I’m cumming grandma!! I’m cumming for you https://thefreecams.net !!

    Luke’s penis spits out one massive load after the other deep into his grandmother’s womb. A wave of pleasure sweeps over his body as his cock convulses, spurting out his milk deep inside of her. The lust for his grandmother and the knowing of just how wrong he was for doing what he did, and not having any kind of intercourse in nearly a year, all were contributing factors for the most powerful orgasm he’s ever had. His fiancé was the last thing on his mind at the moment.

    Kathy lies with her eyes shut as her grandson fills her up with his seed. It’s so warm, so plentiful. The ultimate feeling of satisfaction knowing she was able to make her grandson cum for her. She loves the fact that he wanted to fuck her. She’s happy she was able to give him the sexual pleasure he desperately needed for so long. Most importantly, she’s relieved to know that she doesn’t regret what just happened between the two of them. No post orgasm guilt. No heat of the moment excuses. Just the pure satisfaction of getting a good fucking in such a long time.

    Luke eventually pulls himself out and lies down next to his grandma. They catch their breaths in silence. He wonders what’s going through her mind. For him, all he can think about is how relieved and satisfied he is. And not one ounce of guilt or regret in him! He admits to himself that he just fucked his grandma and he absolutely loved it! He thinks back on some random hookups with strangers in the past that he regrets having. Yet deep down, he knows he won’t ever regret this night. The night he got intimate with his loving grandmother during a snow storm on a road trip.

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