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Traffic Light lights disappear when getting close

  • Hi everyone. Ever since I started modding the game I've had this issue, basically I can only see the traffic light colors when I am further away and when I get closer they disappear. The only thing I can think of is something in the visualsettings.dat file which is VisualV but I did not modify this further. Can anyone help me with this?

    Here you can see screenshots of the issue:
    Up Close invisible lights
    alt text
    Further away visible(see the red signals)
    alt text

    I've been trying to look for the setting that is causing the issue but no luck so far.

    Hmm. Upon further inspection of the visualsettings file I can see that some settings are different in VisualV's(on the left) .dat file.
    Namely the below settings can be causing the issue.
    trafficLight.near.intensity 0.0
    trafficLight.near.radius 0.0
    I will change these to the default value and report back.
    alt text
    EDIT2: No, the issue is still present.

  • Update: At night you can see a very dim outline of the traffic lights.
    It is not caused by ENB or Reshade presets and it's not because of the street light textures I use.
    See the green light?
    alt text
    Any ideas?


    @Chunk-Norris does it occur on VisualV's unaltered visualsettings.dat? Try to rule out possible factors one by one, as you're doing already. Never encountered this specific issue myself. And trust me, I'm a pro at breaking my game

  • @ReNNie It occurs even with a different visualsettings.dat file unfortunately. I am trying to troubleshoot this but getting nowhere so far.

  • I have managed to solve this by installing naturalvision evolved. I did a manual install. it must have been one of the effects files but hard to tell which one caused the problem. Anyway this is resolved now so unless this becomes a more common problem it is not worth the time investigating further at the moment.

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