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Change BrakeLight Settings.

  • I've been looking all over the internet for a solution, but it seems no one has/had this same issue,
    I have around 30 addon cars, Natural Vision Remastered + VisualV + Reshade,
    and most of my cars don't change the brakelights intensity when I use the brake, some of them have different positions inside the Taillights, and they work fine. However the ones who use the same light as Taillights and should only increase the intensity while braking does not do anything at all when I brake.

    I was looking into Carcols.meta file but I could only find Headlighs/IndicatorLights/TailLights/ReversingLights no section for BrakeLights or Brake Lights Corona.
    Can someone teach me how I can solve this as I'm not an expert in mods, I know only the basic stuff.

  • @Juniorrodrigues
    Not sure what might be causing it to happen to only select vehicles, but there are global (affects all vehicles) brake light settings in 'visualsettings.dat' in the '# emissive bits' section:


    # emissive bits
    car.brakelight.day.emissive.on	56.00
    car.brakelight.night.emissive.on	30.00
    car.brakelight.day.emissive.off	25.0
    car.brakelight.night.emissive.off	2.0
    car.middlebrakelight.day.emissive.on	56.00
    car.middlebrakelight.night.emissive.on	30.00
    car.middlebrakelight.day.emissive.off	25.0
    car.middlebrakelight.night.emissive.off	2.00

    Perhaps play about increasing the values & see if you get any life out of the broken brake lights?
    Might be informative to know whether they are completely broken or just set really dim etc.

    @Juniorrodrigues said in Change BrakeLight Settings.:

    However the ones who use the same light as Taillights

    You mean the broken ones are all using the same ' <Lights>' '<id value="##"/>' in carcols?
    If that is the case, worth checking carcols for syntax errors/erroneous values:

    Check '.xml/.meta/.ymt' files for syntax errors in OpenIV:

    OpenIV > right-click '.xml/.meta/.ymt' file > Edit (Ctrl+Enter) > hit the '[</> XML]' button at the top to check file for syntax errors (button only appears if file opened in 'Edit' mode). :thumbsup:

    or perhaps try a different '<lightSettings value="###" />' in 'carvariations.xml/.ymt' for those vehicles etc.

    Also, are you using an ENB or trainer etc that alters vehicle lighting in any way? Worth ruling them out by disabling them temporally etc.

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