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All AI are not responding to player.

  • Hey, so I installed some trainers, car mods and other mod stuff and realized that AI is not reacting to my shots, or police cars are just stuck. Like every AI in the game is not reacting. I deleted the 'dinput8.dll' file and everything seemed to be fixed, but after I deleted 'dinput8.dll' file, all of my trainers and mods were disabled. Then I put the 'dinput8.dll' file back, all of my mods and trainers started working, but then AI started to not react again. I want them to be working and the AI to be reacting to my actions. Can anyone help me with this problem?
    Thank you.

  • This is a common setting in trainers. Can't comment on others but on page 2 of simple trainer there is the option 'everyone ignores player' makes sure it is disabled. You can also save trainer configuration in the options if you want some to be default when you load in

  • @VaporyCheese If you have Everyone Ignores Player on in the Trainer's options menu turned on. This will happen. Just toggle it off. This is convenient for me to use as I can actually honk without NPC's getting mad or scared. If you don't want a wanted level just turn on Never Wanted. Same explanation as Chuck Norris said.

  • @Chunk-Norris @Algonquin1234 No, it is disabled in all settings. Something is wrong in 'dinput8.dll' file. I went through all the trainers and it was disabled. So I already know that, that is not trainer fault.

  • What are the mods that you have installed. Dinput8.dll has nothing to do with the error. It just lets mods initiate. Meaning one of your mods is conflicting with your game or another mod.

  • @Algonquin1234 I have "GTA Config", "Heap Limit Adjuster", "Packfile Limit Adjuster", "Menyoo trainer", "NativeUI", "ScriptHookV", "ScriptHookVDotNet", "GTA V Redux" and a Car Pack that replaces every car in the game with real life cars. I have installed these scripts and mods before and they were working, but when I installed them now, something causes AI to ignore the player. I tried deleting some of the trainer files, but nothing changed. I realized it was not trainer fault, I guess. I'm not quite sure what is making this error.

  • @VaporyCheese GTAV Redux, suspicious.

    Check Menyoo. It may have a setting that has Peds ignore the player.

  • @IreBurn I checked the Menyoo, it has an option "Ignore By Everyone" but it is disabled. I'm started to think It's redux too, because it modifies like a gun sounds, ragdolls an other stuff with peds. I'm not exactly sure about that.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Yeah just like the others have said Redux is very suspicious. Don't install it. Redux is trash and it's just a bunch of stolen mods put together into one. Many issues have been reported here and have been caused by Redux. Uninstall it and see if the issue continues. If you want a good graphics mod just install NaturalVision Remastered.

  • Yet gameranx has placed Redux at #2 in this video, just below NaturalVision.

    Redux is at around 4:50.

  • @IreBurn Redux is still awful as it's a bunch of stolen mods with lots of problems.

  • @Algonquin1234 Agreed. Just was pointing out that gameranx thinks otherwise.

  • Thanks, I'll try to somehow uninstall it from the mods folder. See if it was the problem. I installed it in mods folder, but dunno where to search it in mods folder, becaue I think there is no auto uninstaller. I guess, I'll need to delete my mods folder. Rn, I'll just reinstall the game, so it will be clear, and then install all my mods except redux, and see how it goes. Because it requires game activation when going in.

  • @VaporyCheese Yeah lets us know if it resolved the problem for you. You might need to make a new mods folder just to be safe.

  • Greetings! There is a specific script, with each section of the parameter for each AI (Policeman or regular pedestrian, car driver, bandit, etc.). This means you may have installed a mod or script that conflicts with this script. This can be for example: you installed 2 mods that call the same parameter and therefore the script may not respond, it is strange that the game does not crash. Try to install a second copy of the game and put all your mods (Addons, textures) there. Check the scripts carefully. The problem is not in dinput8.dll for sure, because this is a parameter for the performance of the game. TO THE SPECIALISTS WHO UNDERSTAND: I just made an assumption, I advised the most ACCURATE option. It can take a lot of time for this, but believe me, as I tested 300 Addon Cars for my game. Thanks and good luck!

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