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GTA V CRASH:Net broadcast event window

  • MY GAME HITS I have many mods, gameconfig and settings, the original files, but I don't know which one fails,

  • For me, it was a modified gameconfig file. Try defaulting to one of the more popular ones.

  • i had the same fkin problem. Last thing i've done to fix it was to reinstall the game and installing mods one by one paying atention when the game starts to crash. Take care of the modified gameconfigs cause if one of they are not compatible may cause a game crash.

  • ok thanks to all if they are problems with the gameconfig and the limits of the game, I will try to modify the values ​​of gameconfig, greetings

  • there's a memory game extender also, but i can't remember de name

  • I use heap adjuster to increase memory, but I am still not clear if it is my computer, or configuration problems, I have a 6gb gaming gtx.

  • it can also be the net framework

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