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I have problem with fixing attachment position (floating) for replacer weapon models...

  • Hi, so i try to fix attachment position (floating) for modded (replacer) weapon.. firstly im noob, so if there is better solution pls let me know.. anyway i tried exporting .ydr model to openformat .odr with OpenIV and editing (for example) w_sb_pdw.skel file. I can change there exact position of attachments - scope, flashlight or just scale up scope, flashlight so they look bigger and are connected to gun, but it always revert back to default position / size when i reloading, shooting.. any ideas pls? I already lost so much time with fixing this.. so any ideas would be really great :)

  • @wyruzzah You need to import the attachments into zmodeler or 3dsmax, then you can position them where you want

  • @death7991 Can you be more specific or any link to exact tutorial.. i said that im noob in this :)

  • @wyruzzah I don't know of any tutorials specific to editing attachments, but resizing and repositioning attatchments is super easy. It's only like 5-6 steps. Honestly takes less than a minute. If you get zmodeler I can help you out.

  • @death7991 So i did found this

    , which is tutorial.. but it doesn't look like few minutes :D Maybe i will just edit weapon .meta file to attach flashlight to scope_2 bone.. it looks alright (but cast little shadow from hand), but not moving at all.. now i just need to find another "free" bone to attach scope :)

  • I followed the video and it worked correctly but I have another problem, which is the gun's flashlight does not turn on

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