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Hello, need help with the mod

  • Hello,
    I will be short.
    I have Map Editor mod & Simple Trainer.
    But I need one more option.
    I spawn 2 vehicles on road with drivers.
    I click button and those 2 cars drive forward. How can I do that? is there any mode?

    Also I need to freeze time somehow.
    Because, when I put objects on train rail. with Map Editor they are being destroyed by train -_- so, is there anyway to delete train? freeze time ?

    Also. I tried experimenting with Peds, and guns and their behaviour.
    It seems like I cant find solution.
    I want to spawn 20v20 peds and click button and then they will fight. What did I found, I need to put 1by1 ped and choose everytime behaviour angry/hate and give them gun but even then as soon as I put Ped on ground he start attacking without any count down. instantly.
    Any tips and tricks?
    Thanks <3

  • Hey! As far as I know there is a freeze time option in simple trainer under the Time category. Also, if time is frozen the peds are not able to move but neither are you (this I'm not 100% sure about). You can use mission creator to generate difference scenarios! Anyhow, I hope that this will help you a little bit or even give you a possible idea about how to solve your problem. Best of luck!

  • Yeah freeze time doesnt work for me. It freeze everything and I cant do anything :(

  • @Missa ENT has a a freeze time feature that just stops the flow of time. It also has a train speed option that would probably suit you better. It enables the speed of trains to be set to 0.0.

  • @Missa Yes.

  • Thanks for help !

  • @Missa No problem. It's what we do. At least some of us.

  • Banned

    @Missa https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/simple-trainer-for-gta this trainer can spawn cars to randomly drive around, or drive to a set way point.

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