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Wardrobe location, sleep, roleplay.

  • Hello fellow GTA V players. I've always wanted to have the liberty to buy/move to new locations as one of the offline characters just as you could in GTA SA where multiple houses/apartments were available. My "idea" is to create a script that lets you access the wardrobe from a custom location. For example, there are many ymapps (houses/mansion/apartments) that are extremely well designed and I would like to find out if there is a way to access for example Franklin's wardrobe from that location and to sleep there as well. This would revolutionize the role-play possibility in my opinion.

  • Hi, i want to make something like this for my vagos model(by replacing franklin), but i need to create a story and find an easy way to create cutscenes.

  • this is an huge work, so this takes lots of time, so if you want to help me or if you know some people who can help on this, this can be faster and easier for me.

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