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Experiencing mod formatting issues...

  • Hi, I'm fairly new with GTA5 modding, but know a little bit about modding games in general.

    I am running latest version on Epic Games, with script hook V, ENT, script hook.net, manual transmission mod and openiv (although haven't done much with it ).

    Upon receiving GTA5 for free with Epic Games, I played around on it vanilla for a bit. Then decided to get the basic script hook trainer, ENT and s-hook.net as I saw it was the 'base' mod set for getting other mods to run or spawn in.

    I then also played around with the features you get as standard with script hook and ENT but then decided to get some others from here (GTA5 mods).
    This was kind of where my issues began.

    I went to download a vehicle add-on mod that uses openiv (unfortunately I can't remember which one it was) but instead of downloading as a ZIP file like it said it should in the mod description, it downloaded as an RAR file.

    This (which I have recently realised) had occurred a while back when I tried to mod just cause 3, and still happens with other GTA mods I downloaded now. I don't know whether it's my pc, or if downloading software like 7-zip would fix the issue, but I am rather confused and if anyone else has experienced this and/or knows how to fix it please let me know at your nearest convenience.

  • Files are downloaded as a RAR. Just download Winrar. It's that simple

  • Get 7zip.

  • @Algonquin1234 Thanks, I thought it would be something like that because in most of the videos I'd seen ppl had some form of software, usually 7-zip or winRAR.

    Seems to be all working now :)

  • @WillHep23 You're welcome. Go ahead and close this thread and mark as solved.

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