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is their an order when installing certain mods

  • hey guys, so im having few issues.. im tryin to install LSPDFR & N.V.E.

    they both worked at once but I decided to reinstall entire game again to start clean(more organized)
    my question is this I notice installing ReShade that I had to have a clean GTA director, cool. so I did that. now im reinstalling RAGE & LSPDFR but having issues with RAGE crashing on me now. I reinstalled everything 3x and still crashes. so should I install RAGE & LSPDFR 1st then N.V.E. or does it matter?

    im currently reinstalling GTA now

  • @Blaq Installation order would apply where the mods being installed use the same files. So for example, if yoou wanted to use both VisualV and the old NaturalVision Reloaded, you would install VisualV first as NVR overwrites some of VisualV's files.

    I have had no problem with installation order where mods don't overwrite each other.

  • @Dogamizer ok thank you im goin to try this again

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