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Is there Air Resistance in GTA5?

  • Hello there, i wanted to know if there is actual air resistance in GTA5, thanks!


    @ShitFace If you're talking about vehicles air resistance, simulated but yes. Every vehicle does have a handling.meta setting called "fInitialDragCoeff" that does the job of simulating the air resistence on vehicles.

    fInitialDragCoeff - Air Drag coefficient
    • This one tries to give us an idea of how the vehicle interacts with air drag, allowing us to control how much air drag the vehicle has. Consider it a multiplier. As the vehicle speeds up, the air drag suffered will be scaled according to this value. Normal cars have something around 6-8, while bigger vehicles have 10 or more.
    • This value is kinda important, as it influences heavily the vehicle's speeding behavior at high speeds. High drag will give the vehicle more trouble to reach its top speed, low drag, well, will pose less force and the car will continue speeding up more easily.
    • fInitialDragCoeff is one of the big players on what the real top speed of a vehicle is. If the engine cannot beat air drag, air drag will be the defining factor on the car's top speed.

    The info comes from Eddlm's handling documentation topic: Understanding and editing GTAV's Handling

  • @Reyser oh for air resistance i meant actual air resistance, in the world, actually physically simulated and affecting moving object's (not only vehicles), from what you tell me however, i deduce there is no such a thing, thanks!


    @ShitFace From your description, I can tell you that such thing exists. The game vegetation, including palms and other kind of objects like flags do have air movement. You can appreciate that for example when the games uses the thunder weather.

  • Hmmm, i see... are we sure that vegetation and flags moving with the wind isn't just some animation playing? Because let me be even more clear, by "air resistance" i meant some force that might influence an object's path through the air (a grenade being thrown, a plane flying, or a bomb falling down) etc...


    Yeet an object and check its trajectory. If there's no resistance the forward speed should stay constant.

    I don't think the game fully simulates drag (and certainly doesn't model for what face is facing forward), but from my own observations, forward and downward speed does decrease to a constant-ish value for falling cars.

  • I think OP means "is there something like terminal velocity in GTA V?"

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