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How To Make Car Fires Burn Longer?

  • I’ve been playing Grand Theft Auto 5 for awhile now. And i wish that when cars catch on fire they would stay on fire much longer, before exploding.

    If their is a setting in the games files i can change. I would love for someone to help me out on this.

    I’ve tried a mod called “Not Today!” But I couldn’t find a way to modify it.

    Thanks in advance,


  • does anyone know how to do it?

  • @Ramtha-Petallar pour more gasoline?

  • Try Enhanced Native Trainer. In the 'World' Menu, select 'Angry Drivers'. When you hit their vehicle, they come after you. Should they wreck, their car burns in 3 stages. One a long 'sitting burn' where the vehicle doesn't blow up. Two, where the vehicle blows up and burns fully for a while and then the Third, where it sits and smolders. You'll need the 'Ambient FX' and 'Coroner' mods to a) make the smoke and particle effects look good and b) makes the vehicles take longer to despawn. Other than that, you'll need a mod to do all these things specifically.

  • @Modder_101 @Ramtha-Petallar
    If you go to:
    ...\Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf\common\data\ai\vehiclelayouts.meta

    & search that 'vehiclelayouts.meta' for 'EXPLOSION_INFO_DEFAULT' you'll be able to control how long it takes for a vehicle to explode after it catches fire. :thumbsup:

    It has a (somewhat minor) downside doing this way though. I don't think the petrol tank can be manually detonated before whatever time you set has run out, but you'll get the original explosion (if you use grenade/RPG etc to blow it up), & a little (very minor) pop explosion a few seconds later, where the doors etc fall off, & then the final petrol tank explosion when the timer eventually runs out.

    The 'EXPLOSION_INFO_DEFAULT' section contains 21 sub-sections, each with their own values:


    Most vehicles, especially cars, are set to 'EXPLOSION_INFO_DEFAULT' by default, but it's missing the '<ExplosionData>' section that the other sub-sections have:

    Example: ('EXPLOSION_INFO_CAR' '<ExplosionData>' section missing from 'EXPLOSION_INFO_DEFAULT' ):

              <PositionAtPetrolTank value="true" />
              <PositionInBoundingBox value="false" />
              <DelayTimeMs value="34000" /> <!-- this is the timer in milliseconds (34000 = 34 seconds) -->
              <Scale value="1.000000" />
              <PositionOffset x="0.000000" y="0.000000" z="0.000000" />

    You could either:

    • Edit the 'EXPLOSION_INFO_DEFAULT' section & add the full '<ExplosionData>' section & then edit the '<DelayTimeMs value' to whatever you want (I'm just not sure whether editing 'EXPLOSION_INFO_DEFAULT' would affect certain other vehicle explosion timers in the game or not? Maybe in a mission or something etc. I guess likely fine for SP sandbox gameplay though).
    • Edit an existing sub-section & increase the '<DelayTimeMs value' & then edit the '<explosionInfo>' line/s in the game's 'vehicles.meta' files from 'EXPLOSION_INFO_DEFAULT' to the name of whatever sub-section you used ('EXPLOSION_INFO_CAR' etc).
    • Create a completely new sub-section with it's own unique name ('EXPLOSION_INFO_DELAYED' etc) & then edit the '<explosionInfo>' line/s in the 'vehicles.meta' files from 'EXPLOSION_INFO_DEFAULT' to 'EXPLOSION_INFO_DELAYED' etc.

  • @a63nt-5m1th or you could throw a dozen molys at the car.

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