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Game Memory Error Please Reboot And Restart The Game

  • I'am receiving this guard 1-5:

    Can you please help me :( I use Redux mod, LA Roads, LA_Billboards, replaced all of the vehicles on gta 5 like Traffic Vehicles, Police Vehicles, Army Vehicles. Service Vehicles. Also I have 1,500 add-on cars and 100 add-on motorcycle etc. Because I want my GTA V mods all Realistic.

    my specs:
    i9 9900k
    RTX 2080ti
    64GB RAM 3200mhz DDR4 (Quad Channel)
    SSD 2TB Samsung 860 PRO

  • Redux should be the first thing to find suspect.

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    @357-Crip-Gang Redux isn't the problem, but when it is combined with everything else you have it wouldn't work well. It's a memory issue with loading too many replaced on top top of all the addons on top of the ymaps inside redux. Try to only have one set of mods at a time. Most likely it's the replace vehicles, or a bad rpf in the 1,500 addons you have. Does the problem happen with a clean Dlclist file?

  • @InfiniteQuestion Maybe it is. How can you know that it's not without any doubt?

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    @IreBurn Because I have basically his same setup right now testing my gameconfig with ymaps. If it was redux, I'd be having the same problems. The only difference is he has about 500 more addons than I do and I don't have service vehicles replaced. This is why I suspect it is either too many rpfs which means he needs to combine or reduce DLC addons. Or a replace vehicle that is not valid. Theoretically if the rpfs don't go over a size or amount, the vehicles are modded properly and sized right, no other additional variables such as currupted files, and he has the right gameconfig setup, it should work fine.

    I understand why, but no need to needlessly hate on a mod.

  • @InfiniteQuestion Ohh I think the problem is the replaced cars cuz when I install redux and 1500 addon cars I have no problem with that memory error but when I replaced all the cars in gta5 now I have the problem.

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    @357-Crip-Gang I have almost every car I can replaced in my game. Don't have ambulance, fire, or buses replaced, but have cops and replaced cars added in traffic. Take out your service vehicles and replace back with unmodded one by one, shouldn't be too hard. Do you have backups of the files you downloaded as quick reference to what's installed or file size?

    If you dont have ymaps installed, try my gameconfig. It works for my replaced vehicles. Version 4 if you don't want traffic modded too much. Version 5 if you just want to see cars on the road. Cops in cop convertibles is the greatest thing to see. Shows trust in criminals.


  • @InfiniteQuestion No hating. Just being untrusting of it because of the nature of it's creation.


    Redux is stolen crap, for sure. But not per se relevant here. What you need, formost, is HeapAdjuster

    Also, replacing vanilla cars with (what should be) addon cars, is generally a very bad idea, as a sngle addon car can take as much resources as an entire vanilla parking lot.

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