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I am looking for someone that can help me with a torpedo boat

  • as written in the title, I'm looking for a person to help me with a project of a torpedo boat extracted from war thunder. The torpedo boat in question is the PT-109 Kennedy, on internet I have not found any guide on how to make a working boat with accurate collisions for GTA, any help is welcome

  • nice man im also lookin for someone to help do custom car build for me of JFKs 61 lincoln motorcade for a good price too hope you find someone that can do it for you try "SkylineGTRFreak" he makes boats to jets to also planes & tanks, helicopters, he recently just made some naval destroyers ask him.

  • @NikoChico65 i tried to contact him a week ago, but i got no response from him unfortunately

  • @GTCinema yeah sorry to hear that man even when i sometimes ask him & I do tag him in my comment on some of his new uploads he hardly almost never responds back..so oh well hope you find someone man

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