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[SCRIPT] [WIP] DLS - Dynamic Lighting System

  • Dynamic Lighting System

    Welcome to DLS, a script inspired by @LtCaine's ELS V that brings you amazing features from ELS to non-ELS vehicles.


    • 5 slots for custom light stages (each one is a different sirensetting item on the vehicle configuration file).
    • 4 slots for custom siren tones.
    • Optional Traffic Advisory (easy to customize).
    • Optional Custom Wail setup (like CHP's custom light stage when wailing) with customizable siren tone to trigger it and custom light stage.
    • Optional Out of Vehicle setup (like CHP's custom light stage when out of vehicle) with a custom light stage.
    • Full feature siren controller with different tones, manual, aux siren...
    • Optional control for non-DLS vehicles (allows for basic light and siren control).
    • Optional control for AI vehicles (allows for Out of Vehicle setup for them).
    • Full controller support
    • Interior light functionality
    • Steady Burn
      ... and all without needing to alter the vehicle model or its .meta files.

    Required Mods

    Preview Pictures

    Public Release

    DLS will be publicly released when it feels like a "finished product". Of course, it'll not be and will most likely face problems on release, but by delaying the public release I can make sure to iron out most of the problems that might arise. The public release will happen in gta5-mods.com, lcpdfr.com, gtapolicemods.com, on the GitHub, and on the Discord Server.

    Current Version

    DLS is currently on version v0.8.1 (on both Preview and Developer cycles). While it's not ready for a big public release I'm sharing it on the Discord Server as a way to get feedback, bug reports, and input from vehicle developers.

    Open Source

    DLS will be an open-source project as soon as it's publically released on GitHub. If you're an experienced developer with RPH or C# and is considering helping out on this project before the public release, your help is very much appreciated and you can find me on the Discord Server cited above.

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