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make joe pesci from casino(1995) $$$$

  • i will want to see your past work and have a preview just get the face right and the hair cuts he has in the movie and than we can discuss price and only through paypal. contact me asap if interested i would like other iconic mob movie/television actors in this game.

  • bump

  • i just want joe pesci's face and hair style from casino the body could be a generatic mp body with one outfit for all i care preferably a suit and tie or the kind of suit michael has in story mode

  • oh and working mouth and have the option for him to be an addon and replacement for one of the protagonist

  • bump part II

  • movies that kick ass!
    the godfather
    the godfather part II
    scarface 1983
    carlito's way
    new jack city
    menace II society aka hoodfellas
    bonnie and clyde
    gangs of new york
    true romance-your an eggplant
    donnie brasco
    pulp fiction
    resovoire dogs
    django unchained
    the hateful eight
    kill bill volume 1 and 2
    training day
    brooklyn's finest
    from dusk till dawn
    the untouchables
    analyze this
    analyze that
    taxi driver
    king of new york
    the departed
    batman 1989
    batman returns
    jurassic park
    catch me if you can
    the terminator
    T2-judgement day
    alien 3
    true lies
    its a wonderful life
    mr smith goes to washington
    groundhog day
    the replacements
    screwed 2000
    a bronx tale
    a history of violence
    the ring
    dead silence
    silence of the lambs
    red dragon
    charlies angels
    the big lebowski
    no country for old men
    phantoms-ben affleck was the bomb
    wes craven dracula 2000
    full metal jacket
    saving private ryan
    the shining
    a clockwork orange
    blade II
    demolition man
    spider man 1-3
    fight club
    shawshank redemption
    green mile
    almost famous
    vanilla sky
    a.i artificial intelligence
    minority report
    the matrix
    dark city
    requiem for a dream
    vegas vacation
    independence day
    die hard
    bad boys II
    the fast and the furious
    gone in sixty seconds
    con air
    bedazzled 2000
    the mummy 1999
    original star wars trilogy
    austin powers trilogy
    waynes world
    american history x
    i am legend
    28 days later
    slumdog millionaire
    deep rising
    12 monkeys
    o brother where art thou
    rush hour 1-2
    xmen 1-2
    the family man
    batman beyond return of the joker
    sin city
    the relic
    reindeer games
    the sopranos
    breaking bad
    alien resurrection...hahahah might want to skip that one
    ummm....what was my request again?
    ah screw it mafia definitive edition is coming out so who cares about gta 5. rdr 2 is more interesting and advanced compared to gta 5! rockstar i meant cockstar is really lame gta sa and gta vice city are better games than gta 5 i mean how could they take out the
    pool table mini game like wtf were they thinking the pool table mini game was the game am I right or am i right of course im right because i know what im talking about ,pool table mini game=Grand Theft Auto Baby! and stealing cars and other shit I guess I don't know any more smgdh. Borat and Burno are cool and just the other day i was watching chappelle show and he was playing black bush and it was off the hook! "UN needs to STFU because it doesn't have an army" LOL my life is complete. mob movies 4 life! plus rdr>>>rdr 2 i mean come on where is liars dice and Mexico. mark my words mafia definitive edition will blow gta 5 out of the water I know because im Quasimoto's third cousin

  • you know i still would like joe pesci in the game ill give you trillions of dollars out of thin air because i know a guy who knows this other guy who works at the federal reserve

  • @mhueston78 If you already have a 3d model, this is maybe possible.

  • i want a simple trainer for mafia definitive edition gta 5 is more call of duty less about street crime or organized crime seriously working for the federal government is really fucking stupid for a game that is suppose to be about gangsters i mean seriously pulling a heist on a lab or that waste of time with the second heist with trevor or breaking into the fib building jesus christ wtf gta 5 sucks to be honest less content than gta 4 which had less content than gta san andreas. saints row 2, the godfather the game, and scarface the world is yours are better games in my opinion

  • @mhueston78 Your idea seems difficult to realize.

  • its seems that way but when money is involved it becomes possible

  • why would it be difficult because of how the game is structured?
    there is a trainer for mafia II though it kinda sucks imo

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