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The game crashes at a certain place on the map

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    Приветствую! После установки нескольких аддонов и замен игра начала вылетать в определённом месте на карте (К примеру: на перекрёсток возле автосалона Симона как заезжаешь игра приостанавливается а потом вылетает без ошибки). Gameconfig поставил, в чём может быть ошибка? Кто не понял запрос, могу подробнее объяснить.
    Буду благодарен, если будет решение данной проблемы и решение будет рабочим.))

    Greetings! After installing several add-ons and replacements, the game began to crash in a certain place on the map (For example: at the intersection near Simon's car dealership, as you enter, the game pauses and then crashes without error). Gameconfig set, what could be the error? If you don't understand the request, I can explain in more detail.
    I would be grateful if there is a solution to this problem and the solution is working.))

  • "After installing several add-ons and replacements" --> one of your mod is badly installed. Unless you have done regular backups of your game and you are able to put an older stable version, the only solution for you is to delete you GTA and reinstall a clean version. Then you should install 1 mod at a time, go ingame , see if it crashes or not If it does not crash, backup your game. Install another mod and repeat the process again and again, untill you find which mod is making you crash. Also it is not recommanded at all to use replace cars as it makes your game non stable when the same high poly count vehicle is loaded several times in the streets. Prefer add ons vehicle for stability reason.

  • can it be easier to save addon files and reinstall GTA, and then check each addon? I think the reason may also be in the RAM load from the traffic with the replaced cars. RAM: 16GB one strip. thank

  • Yes this is what i was suggesting.

    You can also try this gameconfig :

    In addition, to spare some ingame memory, you can also decrease the size of the textures within the Add on vehicles you install, to 512x512 pixels max.

    For each car :

    1. Open the ytd file using OpenIV.
      On the left hand corner you will have the size of the textures (example : "4096x4096, DXT1, Mipmaps:9")
      2)Extract in jpg format on your desktop each texture where you have a number above "512x512"
    2. Open Photoshop, or any image editing software.
      Load the Jpg texture. Go to options, Resize and reduce the size to 512x512 maximum. To compensate the loss of details, you can sharpen it a bit.
    3. Save the modified texture in .jpg format on your desktop.
    4. Reimport the modified texture in the ytd file with OpenIV.

    The vanilla cars YTD and YFT files combined often weight less than 5MB, whereas some downloaded car can weight 20 to 30mo (some car creators put useless details such as 4096x4096 textures for Tail light or tires... if you want to compare,the size of a tail light for Vanilla vehicles is 256x256 pixels).
    By doing the above you will fix the Texture disappearing issues.
    Your goal should be to reduce the car ytd size to 15MB maximum.
    Below it's even better but you will lose details.
    Hope this helps.

    nb : this method is efficient for add on cars only. If you have replaced cars that are spawned in the traffic, it is less efficient because each vehicle spawned, causes the game to load all the textures one more time. For stability purposes and to minimize the frequency of the game crashes, i recommand you to only use add on cars and to keep replaced cars to a strict minimum (in my case, only the Police vehicles in game are replaced).

  • @Coppa_Calypse thank you for your guide! super helpful :)

  • @carsfan200 You're welcome :)

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