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I Cant seem to get any scripts to work, (Can someone please help me)

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  • @shark3421 can someone please help me, I cant seem to get any scripts to work I created the scripts file put the scripts (from the mod) in it and used openiv but when I get into the game I don't think anything happens, cause I cant figure out what buttons to click, what is the default key (default J) when i try to click the default key nothing seems to happen even if i click a default key nothing happens , I can change the stuff around in open iv, I just don't know why the scripts don't work do I need to add other stuff in the scripts folder or do I just need to rename the scripts folder with caps lock, could someone tell me how to figure this out cause I don't know how to activate scripts in the game or get my scripts folder working, please help :)

  • @shark3421 you need to intall scripthookv, scripthookVdotnet and netframework 4.5.2 after installing these, you can put script files in the script folder.

  • I have both scripthooks, but all I need is netframework, do I put these progras in my script folder too or just gta5.exe , what is a default key, it says to click default (letter or number) its in order to activate the script in game, thank you :)

  • @shark3421 different scripts have different. keys. you need to read the readme file that comes with the script . if there is no readme file than you have to read the description on the download page. and there is another option. if there is an .ini file or config file you can read inside that too. for the default keys.

  • ive installed netframework and have the scripthooks, am I good to go for downloading mods in the scripts folder, how do I activate the script if its a default letter like A , sorry for bothering you im just confused

  • @shark3421 please read my previous comment. i answered it already. you have to read the instructions provided at the download page of that script Mod. or you can also Read the text file named "Read me" provided inside the zip/rar file, for instructions on how to install and how to use the script in game. Good luck.

  • one last question then il leave you alone, do I need to create a scripts folder or do I find it, does it need to be caps lock or lowercase, :)

  • @shark3421
    Yes, you should create one and name it to "scripts".
    All my script mods work fine, my folder is called "scripts", all letters lowercase.

  • ok, thank you how do I activate the scripts in game it doesn't seem to work, what do u click in game in order for your scripts to work, thank you

  • @shark3421 What mod are you trying to get working exactly?

    And please mention the name of the user when typing a comment/post, otherwise the receiver won't notice your question.

  • @Akila_Reigns im trying to get the SkateV 1.2 mod, I put the stuff in my scripts folder I used openiv and changed the thing it said to change, but when I get into gta 5 and click J nothing happens

  • @shark3421 It should work if you installed correctly, I saw a comment about the textures not working after the bikers update.
    But it may work. Just to be sure, can you post screenshots of your main GTA folder and the scripts folder?

  • @Akila_Reigns I don't think I cant, but what exactly do I do with netframework

  • @shark3421 Nothing, you just need to put the .net framework files inside the main folder. Can you post some screenshots of the folders I've mentioned? Maybe you did something wrong, I might be able to help you.

  • @Akila_Reigns icant get a screenshot :), I have scripts and all the stuff I need for them to work ecept for .netframework I downloaded it but were are the .net framework files located so I can put them in the gta 5 file

  • @shark3421 LOL, why can't you post a screenshot?
    Anyway ScriptHookVDotNet.asi should go into the main folder, where GTA5.exe is located.

  • I have scripthookvdotnet in my gta 5 exe, were is the net framework files located, do I put net framework files in gta.exe :)

  • @shark3421 netframework is a software for windows. you can install it anywhere you want. it does not matter.

  • @shark3421 let me make it easy and simple for you. please just extract these files into gta 5 folder. [Root Folder] where gta5.exe is located. not your desktop. inside your hard-drive partition. once you have extracted these files. then you can put the script inside the scripts folder and everything should work. can't make it any easier for you. Good luck.
    Click to Download <---------- Download the files from here.

  • @FoxtrotDelta I downloaded the file, do I put the PUT THIS IN GTA FOLDER in the gta.exe, do I put all of that stuff in the folder in gta.exe :)

  • @shark3421 Just extract . use winrar to extract these files, and place them where gta5.exe is.


  • @FoxtrotDelta I think I alredy figured it out, I put the stuff in the gta folder and deleted my script folder and replaced it with the one you gave me, thank you

  • @shark3421 just open the file in winrar. select everyfile in winrar window, drag and drop into gta 5 folder. when it asks are you sure want to replace? press yes. if you still don't understand my friend. than revist this page, in 2 years time. might make sense then,

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