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[New singleplayer story]Need help on creating a new storymode for a new character

  • Hi, i am working on a new storymode for my vagos character(https://www.gta5-mods.com/player/g_f_y_families_01-addon-ped-0-1-thebegin10 this character will replace Franklin), so i have the model and a bunch of clothes, i can also create all required scripts(mission/cutscenes/savehouse etc..), i just need someone who can create a custom gta 5 logo/promotions pictures/custom intro video, and help me to create character story. So if you are interested on this project, you can contact me by pm.

  • custom gta 5 logo ---> will cost you $5 on fiverr DOT com
    custom intro video ---> you can do it yoursefl via Rockstar Editor
    promotions pictures ---> use snapmatic or rockstar editor
    help me to create character story --> looks like your are confusing Gta5 Modding and creation of a youtube video / background story for a fiveM character.

    Honestly people that will download your mod do not care about, background story, fancy logo or flashy video intro. They just want to dowload a skin, texture or clothing pack to put in their game.

  • @Coppa_Calypse Thanks for your reply, of course i can make intro video myself and also pictures(i think i dont have enough skills for this but you're right this is not the main thing) but the other stuffs will take me a lot of time, for example cutscenes and missions scripts(this is the main thing). And no i dont want to create a youtube video, i think you are confusing creation of youtube video and gta 5 modding, because my idea is to create a story mode (like franklin story mode) a simple story mode like gta vice city story mode , with main missions and some secondary mission(not a background story, an active story).I will also add new mechanics(like older gta games) for example safehouses(i have other ideas but idk if this is doable).

  • @Coppa_Calypse I will also create/edit secondary characters and maybe some map props(not too much because,unfortunately, im alone on this project for now)

  • Oh, sorry then i misunderstood. Wish you good luck in your project ! Looks cool. :)

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