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CLASSIC DIALS | Make your own custom classic dials easily [ VIDEO]

  • Hey ! After my video to show you how to make a custom digital dial, there is the tutorial to make your own classic dial :)

    As alway, even if you don't understand french, you can understand the tutorial just by following the video ;)
    And of course, community substitle help is activated, if you can and want, you can help me to translate the video, for moment I just translate title and description :p

  • @Game68240 man, you are still the best!! my cars are so much better because of your tutorials. thank you very much for sharing your knowledge. btw do you know how i can set the "door open/close speed" i´ve made a sunroof with the moonbeam slidedoors but it opens too fast ;)

  • @TobsiCred Thank man ! Idk, maybe in file of game, not in model ;)

  • @Game68240

    hi bro, can you give me tutorials how to make car mods for gta 5 ?

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