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Problem with Object not falling down on ground

  • Hello,
    Trying to make object fall down.
    But it doesnt drop.
    Why? As u can see on picture, collision on, gravity also, dynamic also. ( on picture u can ssee Frozen on place) but nothing changes even if I turn it off aswell. It just stays there.

  • Could you post your code, so we can check?

  • I kinda solved the problem, it stays in the air, but when I make collision with this object, with character/other object, it triggers that cigareta and it drops, but if nothing touches it, it stays in the air.
    Idk what do u mean about "code" or where to find it tbh. I'm simple user

  • Nevermind. I thought you created your own mod and spawned a cigarette but it is not interacting with anything. I wanted so check your code for missing commands or errors :)

  • @HughJanus
    Yeah, no way LOL

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