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vehicle wrong hand placement

  • Replaced the Park Ranger vehicle with this


    but as you can see the rider acts as though they are using a steering wheel and not handlebars. How can I correct that?

  • Thank you for all your assistance.

    I guess the sarcasm isn't so obvious.

  • Looks like you have not installed the mod correctly.
    Check that you have followed all the steps mentionned in the readme, and correctly replaced all the data lines, vehicles.meta etc...

  • @Coppa_Calypse I don't think this mod has those.

    It does have them. So I just copy over the info to where pranger is in vehicle meta?

  • @IreBurn Oh... Then maybe contact the creator of the mod directly and ask him for assistance. I'm not that familiar with this, but i think your issue is linked to animation file.

  • Had to change to Park Ranger to a four seater vehicle as it's used in at least one mission. Hand placement problem isn't an issue anymore.

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