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REAL Autopilot for Airplanes in GTA 5

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    Hello, been working on a project for awhile with adding realistic handling to aircraft in GTA 5 with true speed. I noticed a few bugs that have been interfering with menyoo cruise control where the plane either wants to fly up or fly down and not keep consistant altitude. I was wondering if someone can help me work on an autopilot script where the user is able to select MPM (Meters Per Minute) and keep a consistent speed and altitide.

    Here's a video with the realistic speed, works well on the 737 MAX. The pitch bug came in other aircraft which is why Im looking to get a true autopilot script for the game. The video is around 20 minutes as this was a real 100+ mile in game flight

    This brings a whole new feel to open world simulation when you're actually playing it, also stock GTA planes are unrealistic with their speed and handling which is why I tweaked this to have a more realistic, handling and speed to travel to addon maps that are spread out by a mere 100 miles that can be explored on foot. Theres a lot aspects that are unique to this and will be the future of true open world gaming. Once this is done, Im looking to possibly release this to the community. Besides I like being able to walk out of the plane, parachute, drive cars, do heists, and experience first person shooting. X plane doesn't have those All-in-one open world features. What makes this unique is that you're actually flying in a breathing simulation with actual peds, animals, and open building interiors, giving you travel and real life euphoria in the midst of your computer. You can walk out of the plane, do missions and hit the strip club etc. X plane doesn't have that breathing open world feel as this does, which is why this is very unique and will evolve the modding community in realistic open world euphoria and gaming

    Also I noticed that GTA doesn't crash often when addon maps are spread out by 50-100 miles which is a plus. Shoot me a DM and we can talk

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