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Help Needed for 'Blue Thunder' Helicopter Mod...PLEASE!

  • Help Required!

    Hello fellow members...
    I am here because i need your help. I am wanting to create a 'Blue Thunder' Helicopter mod from the 80s TV show to use in GTAV.

    I am at a stage where the model is ready for conversion, however it is this where i come to an end with my 3D modelling experience! :(. I have ZERO clue on what to do next; Such as animations, Scripts and the like...
    I was hoping someone with the relative expertise would do the conversion process and get this thing up and running.

    Below is a quick render of where the model is at:
    alt text

    Anyway, if someone is willing enough to convert this model then i will of course provide the file.
    (The file BTW is in .3ds format)


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