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Mods after DLC

  • How can I still play gta mods with script hook v after a gta DLC comes out so I can prevent that script hook v needs an update and that I will need to wait until script hook v gets updated? Because I want to see the DLC cars right when the DLC drops so I can make vids about it. So how to prevent script hook v from not working after a DLC drops? Can I just set auto-update gta out or what do I need to do?

  • I don't think that's possible. The only way to keep ScripthookV working is to not let GTAV get upgraded or to know how to downgrade after it does. Since that's the case, the new DLC vehicles won't be available to you. Of course, that still means you'd have to wait for SHV to be updated to use the new DLC vehicles.


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