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Ghost siren issue in police vehicles

  • Hello! I have an issue where police cars sound like they have sirens on even they don't. It only happens when the lights on lightbar (code 2) are on, but not sirens (code 3). Also it's somehow directional. I tested this with couple people and they would only hear the sirens when I was driving towards them and only from certain range. As soon as I got closer the sound disappeared for them. We also tested without any lights on and if reversing towards someone would do it but those didn't trigger the ghost sirens.

    For a RP server it's very frustrating when you can constantly hear someones sirens even they are not on. Also criminals hear cops coming from miles away when they shouldn't which gives them a very unfair advantage.

    I tried finding a solution from Google but I didn't find anything that would've fixed them. If anyone has had this problem and knows how to fix it, I would appreciate the help enormously! Let me know if you need more info or some of the meta files for the cop cars.

    Thank you already in advance!

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