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'Parachute Jump' , 'Director Mode' Bug

  • Hi frds, I was just planning to play some parachute mission in GTA 5.
    And for It went to the 'Parachute jump' https://imgur.com/Ltfc0gI
    And 'F' key is Pressed when it promted https://imgur.com/OcgISCu
    And then loading screen comes . But it is loading infinite. https://imgur.com/ccq5AQ1

    And also for 'Director Mode' , If I select from Pause menu, It is loading infinite.

    So, frds, pls help me on how to fix this 'parachute jump' and 'Director mode' loading screen bug.

    (frds FYI, My save game is 100% completed. And my game has not got crashed with any of my mods. And none of my mods have issues as far as I know.
    I have gta 5 v1.42, lspdfr, Natural vision remastered, addon peds etc.)

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