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help to transform a female character from online, to a ped - I paid for this

  • Hello, I am on a role server, My role is very special, it is a police android, a very serious and complex role. I want to evolve my character, for this, I did a skin retexturing and I got this:

    I love the result, but there is a problem. We cannot add this texture on the FiveM server, because we would unbalance all the skin colors of many players whose texture was replaced. The solution that the administration gives me, is to do a Ped.

    My order, and I don't know if it's possible. It would be to make a Ped, with the same modeling that I already have, but give it a Ped shape. With various clothes (because I am a police officer): motorcycle clothes, swat clothes, officer clothes, street clothes, incognito clothes ... all the clothes could be taken from the original models of the game. The only thing I need is the assembly, there would be nothing to design.

    I hope someone can help me on this. Interested give me budgets. Thank you.

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