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Audio as dlc.rpf?

  • Is this possible to add those RESIDENT, and files within the audio folder and use an addon, dlc.rpf for it? to replace weapon sounds etc.
    RESIDENT.rpf specifically

  • Nobody knows? -.-

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    @Vampnos Probably knows, but your question makes no sense. If you want help you have to clearly state what it is you are trying to do, using proper punctuation, and rereading what you wrote so it can make sense to others. As I interpret the question, the answer is yes, no, and every answer in between.

  • Well, I know it's possible to replace default skins, vehicles etc. Question is if I can do the same to the resident.rpf, to replace weapon sounds?
    but as an addon way, like Easy Mod Folder (EMF)

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    @Vampnos You can have weapon sounds as an add on but not to replace. If you want the weapon sounds to be replaced with an addon weapon sound, then the sound file location of the gun would also have to change. Without changing where the car or gun gets its sound from, then it will default to the original weapon file location.

  • How is it possible to do it with either addon sounds or replace default ones as an addon.rpf?

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    @Vampnos weapons or vehicles meta

  • Weapon sounds, gun sounds, in particular. I can either addon weapons or replace default ones, I just need to understand the concept of how to make an addon to add weapon sounds, or replace. Some type of example, how can I create such .rpf addon that redirects to resident.rpf, to replace, or add additional weapon sounds. (to for example, an addon weapon mod, or default m4, ak47 etc.)

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    @Vampnos look at a DLC that has weapons. Look at the weapons.meta. No need for default audio or resident file. Just create a DLC with the audio file then change it in the weapons.meta

    Or find a mod that has already done that and follow theirs. If you want a guide or someone to tell you to exactly step by step how to do this, I don't have the time or knowledge. Inside each DLC is a folder called sfx. It should also have a weapons.meta file. Inside it has an audio section. It's the same process as adding or changing sounds inside vehicle meta.

  • Thanks for the replay! I'll check it out.

  • Nope, whatever I tried didn't work. I couldn't find any single mod or anything similar for addon custom weapon sounds, nothing.

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