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Weird game glitches

  • I think maybe they could be considered glitches.
    Often when colliding with cars the PC immediately becomes wanted. This didn't used to occur.
    Also, occasionally peds will get angry and attack the PC.


    what mods have you got installed?

  • @Reacon

    OpenIV mods:
    Clean Police Station
    Bass Dragon's Euphoria Ragdoll Overhaul
    Ghostbuster Ambulance Siren
    Gray Alien From X-Files - Skin Ped
    Paleto Bay Pier Remastered
    Remastered Old Gen Radar
    A Custom Gameconfig, I think the one installed by World of Variety



    any scripts? if so disable the scripts folder and test

  • @Reacon https://i.imgur.com/0cpnZiF.png

    Found the culprit. Some settings in Simple Trainer (TrainerV.asi) were the catalyst. So not glitches, just adverse effects from the trainer.

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