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  • wheres the fib and cia entry in pedpersonality ymt, does anyone know? or do i need to add it myself?

  • anyone know??

  • @Tory-Hater
    Have a look in 'peds.ymt' & see what '<Personality>' the specific ped/s you want to edit are using.

    Example (vanilla 'MP_M_FIBSec_01'):


    If you don't like any of the default options, you can create your own personality in 'pedpersonality ymt'.
    Just copy a pre-existing personality, duplicate it, rename the '<PersonalityName>' line to whatever you want & edit the values accordingly.
    Then point the 'peds.ymt' '<Personality>' line for the ped/s you are editing to your newly created 'pedpersonality ymt' personality.

    Example ('peds.ymt'):


    Example ('pedpersonality ymt'):


  • @a63nt-5m1th solved it thanks!

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