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I Need your help to make my game work

  • Hi guys

    For some reason my game crash over and over again in the repossession mission where Lamar and Franklin get shot at, it crashes when I get to car after shootout to follow the motorbike. It crashed earlier in the shootout also. Before this happened I played 3-4 hours with more than 70 mods. No problems in prologue and Franklin and Lamar mission.

    I thought this was because of mods so I removed all mods, and mods folder. But still game crashes at exactly the same place.
    I have deleted cfg.dat and pc_settings.bin, I have tried things like changing settings, remove all game overlays and many other things, but nothing seem to work.

    Things I wonder about:
    Can it be a problem to play with older game version? Due to modding my game version is 1.0.1365.1 from 2018. I use a launcher to avoid updates to avoid breaking my mods.
    I think its strange that game crashed same place after working great up to that point. What can be the reason for this?
    I have legal game but I read that pirated games crash in missions, can it be that my older version game gets categorized as pirated?

    Please share if you think you have some suggestions that can help :)

  • You should probably know you can just shoot the guy on the green bike as soon as you see him. No need to chase after him. Just get the pistol ready before he arrives.

    Probably not considered pirated but you still should probably update. Even if it breaks some of your mods.

  • Thanks for replying IreBurn. That actually worked, after I did I played for 4-5 hours without any problems.
    But Im afraid something like this will happen again later, and I had one crash trying to enter a car again.
    Anyway thanks for solving that immediate problem =)

  • The exact same thing happened in the The Long Stretch missions. The moment I tried to enter a getaway car the game crash.
    Temperately solution this time was to remove I'm Not MentaL's Persistence Mod, then I had no problem finish the mission.

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