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Separating Individual Vehicles From Packages?

  • How do I remove specific vehicles from a package and add them to the game individually? For example: what if I only want a few specific vehicles from IVPack without installing everything? What must be done? I'm using the latest patch.

  • If you ask this question then obviously you are not comfortable enough with modding yet, and all you gonna end up doing is breaking your game. I strongly not recommend you to try.

    But if you wanna know :

    method A - advanced
    first make a backup of your game and mod folder first.
    then you need to create your own dlc.rpf insering only the vehicles you want, and you need to pay extreme attention to correctly insert in the txt files, the datas linked to each vehicle / or removing the useless ones. A single mistake in the values and the car won't appear or your game will crash.

    method B - noob friendly
    simply replace the yft and ytd files of a vanilla car with the ones of your desired vehicle. You will also nee to replace the data lines in vehicle.meta etc...

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