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Better Chat Notifications

  • Hi,

    Would it be possible to integrate the notification/chat system with the main site? Today I went on this forum to look for an old post, only to find out that I had several unread messages from months, even a year ago. None of those notifications have shown up on the main site so I was completely oblivious to the fact that I have unread messages.

    I don't frequent the forum very much, only the main site, so it would be more convenient if I were notified over there as well without having to go to the forum, especially seeing how there is a chat icon there too (which just redirects you to the forum's index instead of directly to the chats tab).


    @WildBrick142 That exists since the creation of the 5Mods Forums. Maybe is not working for you for unknown reasons but as far as I can remember the chat notifications were working and displaying perfectly fine for me in the main 5Mods recently.

  • Private messaging notifications are integrated with the main site. Forum notifications like being @ tagged in a post are not integrated.

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