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LemonUI event handlers?


    So, new LemonUI is out. Meant to replace NativeUI. Most went well, but I can't get an event handler up for something as trivial as making a choice from a menu. See, in NativeUI, you could do something as simple as:

    mainMenu.OnItemSelect += OnmainMenuItemSelect;

    Where OnmainMenuItemSelect was the designated event handler. OnItemSelect doesn't work any more, though, and the documentation said it's to replaced with just '.Selected'. Doesn't work either.

    So, I was told (in rather cryptic terms) not to use an event handler at all. Okay, that's fine and all, but I'd still like to know how to set up an event handler for something as banale as making a menu choice. So, if someone knows, please enlighten me! :)

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