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How to improve semi truck speed and acceleration when pulling a trailer?

  • Hi guys

    Im having a mod that add many trucking missions, but the semi trucks in this game is not so fun to drive with a trailer.
    Im not interested in realistic speed and performance, I'm would love to get higher speed, better acceleration and momentum going uphill.

    I have spent some time reading up on settings in handling.meta, and I have used 5-6 hours playing around with the settings, but I have not achieved anything significant.
    So I hope some of you can share some of your experience and thoughts on what settings that can improve performance for semi trucks with trailer.

    Some settings I have been testing:

    I guess there is some combination of settings I have not discovered yet.

    Have fun :)

  • Ok after more hours of testing I have come to to a kind of working solution, its not perfect but its working and is ok.
    It all came down to tweaking this 3 settings like many mods already have done:
    fInitialDragCoeff, fInitialDriveForce and InitialDriveMaxFlatVel.

    Hauler: fInitialDragCoeff 10, fInitialDriveForce 0.18, InitialDriveMaxFlatVel 110
    Phantom: fInitialDragCoeff 10, fInitialDriveForce 0.20, InitialDriveMaxFlatVel 105
    Packer: fInitialDragCoeff 7, fInitialDriveForce 0.27, InitialDriveMaxFlatVel 122

    Now they all perform better than before and hauler is weakest, Phantom in the middle and Packer is the best, and this is a better match in price for them in the mod I use

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