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I have a few Ideas, but no Modding skills!!!!

  • So first off, love all you hard work!!! Adding new vehicles to the game is my jam. But there are some i haven't found. So if anyone has them of could make them, that would be great. Here is some i was thinking of.......

    GMC Syclone and/or Typhoon Addon
    Original Optimus Prime with trailer and rover Addon
    KITT and The Kight Industry Semi Addon
    Vehicles from the Cartoon M.A.S.K Addon
    Vehicles from GIJoe Addon
    2010-12 STR-8 Jeep Grand Cherokee Addon

    So those are some of the first to come to mind. Let me know what you guys/gals think. Maybe there should be a list of cars we want for GTA 5. or is there one that I have just missed?

    Thank in Advance

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