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When modding sports rims on any car, crashes due to number of add on cars

  • Hi,

    I've been modding GTA 5 for a number of years now and come across something that has stumped me.

    I have a large amount of add on cars and game loads and works fine as it should.

    However, when I used simple trainer, enhanced trainer or menyoo to go through the sports wheels selection, it crashes after number 60 or so out of 200 or so (I have 3 add on wheel mods)

    I have tried removing the wheel mods (never had issues with them in the past) but still crashes so I know it's not that that's causing it.

    I have thought it may be some recent add on cars I have added so removed some to test. I have come to the conclusion that it's not a certain add on car causing the crash or a conflict with 2 different cars when going through the list of rims, however it is the number of add on cars that causes this. If I remove 3 cars from my current mod dlclist file, it works fine and no crash through the rims selection. If I then add the 1, 2 or 3 back, or try completely new or different add on cars, it then crashes at the same place.

    I have tried another gameconfig and increased the heap and pack limit adjuster but no luck.

    Anyone experienced the same and know how to fix? Other than just limiting the amount of add on cars?


  • The max number of dlc is limited. Try to pack serveral cars into one single rpf, or delete some useless Gta online .rpf you are not willing to keep. Might do the trick.

  • Do you know what the max number of Dlc is?

    Thanks for the advice, I will look at combining some of them 👍

  • @stevo181 No I don't know what the max number of dlc is sorry
    Also forgot to mention that from what i read on this forum the max size of a single rpf should not exceed 4go unless i'm mistaking. Hope this helps.

  • @Coppa_Calypse Thank you for your help :)

  • You're welcome :)

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